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Topics: Massage, Massage chair, Shiatsu Pages: 3 (1132 words) Published: May 25, 2012
2. Originally with a small start-up capital, OSIM International Ltd started in Singapore in 1980 by Mr Ron Sim Chye Hock, as an electrical and household appliance company under the name of R Sim Trading. In 1989, the company registered the name Health Check and Care, and changed their focus onto healthy lifestyle products. This change resulted in tremendous growth of the company and started to develop overseas. In 1993, the company officially launched the OSIM brand name.

Now, OSIM is about experiencing the total of well-being and it is a brand that can be trusted for a healthier lifestyle and has a total of 1104 outlets in 31 countries. Besides selling massagers, OSIM also offers products related to hygiene (air purifiers, water purifier etc) and fitness (OSIM uRobic). 3. The needs of customers are health and hygiene. OSIM provides products which focus on the customer needs for health and hygiene. For example, OSIM uPure 100 [refer to appendix A, 1-1], a water purifier and OSIM iLife Air Purifier [refer to appendix A, 1-2], both the products helps to improve health and hygiene instantly. The wants of customers is the comfort of life. OSIM provides many products which improve the comfort of life. For example, OSIM uSoffa Petit, it is a small lower body massage chair which relieves stiffness and soothes aches, it is also elegantly designed with a variety of colours, so that it can easily match the interior design of a house. 4. OSIM adopted structural benefits to build customer relationships. Structural benefits means that supplying customers with special equipment or computer links that help them in their daily activities or provide more ways for customers to use the company’s services. OSIM official website provides the details of all OSIM products including promotions, all the products are categorised at the side of website [refer to appendix A, 1-3], making it easier for customers to search for products that they want. The best part of the website is,...
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