case report 2

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 Case report 2

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1.0 Introduction
Form the given information of this case ,it tells us that Osim established in 1980,has occupied the worldwide branded lifestyle product market now. However, the success of osim is strongly connecting to its innovation-drive culture and management issue .Rom Sim, the CEO of OSIM, who shows the example of transformational leadership applying in business use. And this report will discuss further about the impact of transformational leadership that occurs in Osim .

2.0Issue identification
A transformational leader makes good use of charisma and related qualities to arouse desires that pushes people and organizational systems to achieve new high-performance pattern ,however ,on the contrary ,transactional leadership is mainly focus on methodical in maintaining others concentrated on progress towards task completion (Schermerhorn, 2011, p.330).In terms of this case , rather than transactional leadership, the transformational leadership is more suitable for explaining Osim .Because Sim leads staff through his own action ,with employees looking to him for guidance and strength. Also, sim spends most of his time doing what he preaches to other .Which shows that Sim uses the combination of his charisma and own experience to make the staff understand and perform better . What is more , Sim is fond of convincing the staff to live a healthy life and improve their positive attitude towards healthier lifestyle .This means that Sim wants to raise their aspiration of life that contains more colorful elements , and shifts them to work hard as well as reach their life goals .Therefore ,the success of Osim largely depends on Sim’s unique management method and executing business strategy .Consequently , though Osim almost controls the global healthy lifestyle product market now, it still appears the weakness of reliability .That is to say , Sim strongly affects the company and if he left the company ,it might cause a immeasurable loss and interrupt the current company circumstance .Thus ,it indicates that Osim might face a big challenge with using the transformational leadership .

3.0 Critical discussion
At present , the idea of transformational leadership is more creative and dramatic, which shows the positive relationship between employee and employer .According to the finding of Kalu, compared with transactional leadership conducts a weak and unimportant relationship with the employee job satisfaction, the transformational leadership might make the staff feel more satisfied with their work(2010,p.175). Besides, transformational leadership also seeks a connection between individual and collective interests allowing subordinates to work for transcendental purpose (Beugre & Acar & Braun 2006 , p.54 ). from the above results, they proves that transformational leadership will have more consideration of the emotion wellbeing, and which might promote potential of the extra outcomes .However, in many company, they don’t want an unexceptional outcome that surprised them, but aim at running a steady business pattern and gain a fixed revenue, which means that they need a strong structure scene and direct task commission to ensure the work quality. Thus, it seems that many company still don’t want to take risk that using this kind of leadership .At the same time, Osim might experience this risk .Sim try his best to inspire his staff to help the company to win a extraordinary success and also guide the company to go through the hard times. Sim’s leadership is not just partly influence the company, the every movement he makes, the attention he absorbs are hardly imaginable. From shareholders to each employee, Sim’s decision would give them impact on different...
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