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Topics: Immanuel Wallerstein, Capitalism, Economic system Pages: 4 (1086 words) Published: February 26, 2014

Handout 2: Theories of underdevelopment Background to -Marxist theories of underdevelopment 1) Countries are not independent; economically related through trade 2) Colonialism introduced capitalist system;

3) Therefore, all the less developed countries are integrated into the world capitalist system. 4) Developed world is responsible for the underdevelopment of third world 5) It is the integration with the world capitalist economy that makes these countries poor. 6) Marxist theory can help us to understand this process of underdevelopment

Here, three theories are introduced under theories of underdevelopment. Dependency theory (Gunder Frank) 1966 The most interesting aspect of this theory is that it is a view from the periphery. Major argument of dependency theory Underdevelopment is a historical process; not a condition intrinsic to LDCs The dominant and the dependent countries form into a world capitalist system. Underdevelopment is caused by the functioning of this world capitalist system Development somewhere requires underdevelopment somewhere else (deve. and under development is two sides of the same coin “Development of underdevelopment” thesis.

Condition of LDCs is not an issue of lacking internal dynamics (inertia, climate, misfortune etc,) but it is a reflection of the way they are incorporated into the world capitalist system Town and Country Planning Introduction to Political Economy Moratuwa University Semester 3 Level 200 Prepared by Dr. Nalani Hennayake, Department of Geography, University of Peradeniya October, 2010

This incorporation formed: a metropolis (core) -Satellite (periphery) relationship This relationship occurs at different scales
This relationship is one of favoring the higher level of the chain. The reason why the metropolitan countries want the peripheral countries to change is to serve their interests to obtain primary products and market for their luxury goods Argument primarily based on the unequal...
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