Why Does the Third World Exist? Essay Example

Pages: 3 (606 words) Published: May 2, 2011
Why Does the Third World Exist?
We understand why there is global poverty and some of the background and historical causes, but why does the "Third World" exist? There are many reasons: Hypothesis #1
Most Lesser Developed Countries (LDCs) have:
poor climate
poor soils
inadequate rainfall
unreliable temperatures (too high, too low)
lack of natural resources
There are anomalies however as certain countries have some of these conditions but are still developed and there are countries who do not have these negative factors and are NOT developed. For example, Canada has a poor physical environment (only 10% of the land is productive), yet is a developed nation. Hypothesis #2-Sach's Thesis

Poverty set based on western standards to imply low income and lack of economic development Sach believes certain nations would be better off if they maintained their subsistence economies poverty...a statistical measure of per capita income which falls below the U.S standard poverty used to define people by what they lacked

wherever low income is the problem, the only answer can be economic development a culture of sufficiency might be needed for long-term survival "stereotyped" poverty fails to distinguish between frugality, destitution an scarcity

Hypothesis #3-Barbara Ward's Hypothesis
Process of Development |MDC Example |LDC Example
| |EQUALITY | 1. Christian belief all are equal
2. Greek view law guarantees rights for all
3. Magna carta-social mobility |1. India's caste system
2. Africa's Tribal system
3. both equal no social mobility
| | REVOLUTION in PROGRESS |based on reality-only here once make the most of it
formation of nations, trade,
competition, new ideas and goods
and services
|based on illusion-do not disturb the system of life on earth or chaos will result (make God angry) no movemenr, therefore no progress
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