How and why the definition of development has changed
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How and why the definition of development has changed
The definition of development has changed radically, and was first only characterised by using economic indicators as its primary factor. Predominantly, economic is the main contributing factor, however, in modern times, living conditions, and other contributing factors to the well-being of a population has helped manipulate whether a country is developed or not.
Basing development on the economic status was commonly used decades ago; however the definition of it has become less narrow in the 21st century, with broader concepts other than the wealth of a country being used. This is mainly because as times have changed, so have people’s opinions on the significance of certain indicators, with less focus aimed at how much Different factors can help determine what development means, with social, environmental, political and sustainability all being used
Communication and travel networks have developed over the past few decades, with the first electronic computers introduced in the 1950s. This has provided people with the Web, and thus an extensive source of information that people can utilise it make them aware of global affairs and the situations of other foreign countries. This has helped people become aware of how to differentiate between different levels of development, as they can identify strengths and weaknesses from current affairs either through social networking, or other forms of media.
Sociability is a significant factor as a lack of community spirit or unity can help show that even if a country is producing a vast output, that relationships between people may be mixed. Subsequently a country’s development needs to help reflect the extent of social well-being. Environmental and sustainability are closely interlinked when defining development, as a country shouldn’t be regarded as developed if the environment is being neglected for a country’s growth in wealth. In addition, if resources are being

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