Bsc It Sem 5 Internet Security Paper

Topics: Cryptography, Key, Substitution cipher Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Mumbai University Bachelor of Information Technology (B.Sc. IT) Third year Semester V Internet Security April 2009 CON. -09 (3 Hours) N.B. [Total Marks: 100


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1. Question No.1 is Compulsory. 2. From the remaining (Q Nos. 2 to 7) attempt any four. 3. Draw neat labeled diagram whenever necessary What is Cryptography? Explain Cryptanalysis and role of Cryptanalyst with example. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Packet Filters. Explain IP Sniffing and IP Spoofing in detail. Write a note on Exponential Attack. What is Substitution Cipher Technique? Explain modified Ceasar Cipher and Polygram Cipher with example. Write a note on Risk Analysis. Write a note on Denial of Service Attack. Explain in detail different kinds of Firewall Configurations. What are WORMS? How do they work? Explain what preventive measures can be taken to avoid WORMS. Explain the concept of 'Social Engineering'. What methods are used by the hackers for this purpose? Also mention the countermeasures. State and explain four principles of security with example. What is digital signature? Explain in detail. Distinguish between Traditional Firewall and Distributed Firewall. What is stealing password? Explain in detail techniques used for stealing password. What are the ways to maintain password? What is Security Policy? State and explain characteristics of good security policy. Write a note on Filtering TELNET services. What is VIRUS? Explain in detail different types of viruses. Write a note on BOTNET. Differentiate between active attacks and passive attack. Explain Diffie Hellman key exchange algorithm and problem associated with it. What are 'BUGS' and 'BACKDOORS'? What prevention mechanisms can be used for them? Write a note on DYNAMIC FIREWALL.

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