Cmgt 400 Week 2

Topics: Security, Computer security, Information security Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Common Information Security Threats
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The internet is approximately 40 years old and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. This rapid growth and use of the internet for practically everything you can do in life has also cause a major increase in threats. Cyber-criminals are often breaking into security on many major websites and making the news. Information Security is turning into an important part in protect a business’s information. website went online in 1995 (Byers, 2006). Amazon offers there services and products through the website to many countries around the world, which includes: United States, Canada, France, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, and China (Amazon, 2012). Amazon has been around for approximately 17 years and continuous to be a successful business. One of the reason for this is because Amazon investing time in Information Security. Amazon has a massive amount of information on servers around the globe contain sensitive information, not only information for Amazon but also for Amazon’s customers. Some examples of the information Amazon maintains on the servers they own: product information, warehouse information, call center information, customer service information, service information, customer account information, bank information, cloud computing information, digital media download information, and reviews of customers for product information (Amazon, 2012). There will always be some kind of the potential risks to the information maintained by any business or person because new vulnerabilities are found every day. Just recently, on August 7, 2012, a wired magazine reporter’s information stored on his Google account, Twitter account, MacBook, iPad, and iPhone where erased without the user wanting this done. A hacker that goes by the name of Phobia comprised the reporters Amazon account with a security exploit. The security exploit allowed Phobia to access the...

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