Privacy and Security

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Privacy and Security

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Table of contents

2.Appraise the issues raised in the article by Moglen (2013) as they affect individuals, organizations and society2
3.Trade-off between privacy and security5
3.1 What is privacy?5
3.2 What is security?5
3.3 The relationship between privacy and security6
3.4 The important of privacy and security7
3.5 How does internet security work to protect personal information?8
4.The reflection on my personal experience of not using technology for half day10
5.Conclusion and recommendations12
5.1 Conclusion12
5.2 Recommendations12

1. Introduction
Today's risk of surfing the internet has increased as a variety of threats have emerged. However; many people fail to understand the importance of internet security. A number of people do not apply or just apply the basic of security software until they realise there is a risk. Consequently, their computers are being infiltrated or infected. Some people are unaware of personal information being stolen or misused, which can present many security issues to the user. As one part of privacy, personal information has to be protected by internet users due to the many attacks that are intended to obtain your personal information for profit. According toJanssen(2010), internet privacy means the level of privacy and security of private data, personal communications and preferences which are protected by techniques and technologies. Internetsecurity refers to browser security, data security, identification authentication and protection of data that covering in internet, which relies on specified resources and standards(Janssen 2010). The purpose of this report is to highlight the risk of internet privacy being breached by malicious persons, groups and organisations and how to mitigate and lessen the impact these risks present. A lot of research has been conducted recently to support the ideas highlighted in this report. This report is divided into four sections. Firstly, the report will illustrate how internet has impacted on people's lives in three dimensions, individuals, organisations and society. The report will then evaluate the trade-offs between privacy and security in terms of the relationship between privacy and security and the importance of them. In the third section, the report will give a reflection of my personal experience of ceasing to use any communication devices for half a day. Finally, the report will give a conclusion and some recommendations on the prevention and minimization of internet threats.

2. Appraise the issues raised in the article by Moglen (2013) as they affect individuals, organizations and society Individuals
With the advent of the World Wide Web, people’s abilities to engage in mass media communications has increased. Individuals are motivated for a variety of reasons for using mass media; recent studies have examined four categories of Internet usage. They include interpersonal/communication utility, entertainment utility, information utility, and convenience. Research shows that individuals have their differing needs to utilise the Internet, however behaviour and usage patterns appear to change around the individuals personality(Tennyson, 2004,P.711–26).

The Internet has allowed people to shop or browse from home, study and research, search for directions or employment or download their favourite music at anytime and in anywhere as they feel comfortable. The physical exertions of the past are just a memory of lining up to pay bills or search for employment. The attractiveness of such convenience has allowed the web to flourish and therefore organisations to have the opportunity more than ever to capitalise on the marketing opportunities presented.

Users of free software such as email or search engines are unaware that those providers are...

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