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Topics: Spain, Europe, Centuries Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Who: European doctors and GovWhat: harmful corruption of the air When: 14th century
Where: Europe and Middle East
Significance: Miasma led to the medicine technology in the 14th century Ex) fires (smoke kills airborne)
-God brought plague into the air
-Belief in contagion, scientific vs. religious belief
Who: European government
What: new economic system, central gov. hiorchy system
When: After black death, 16th-18th century
Where: Where
Significance: Wealth was unchanging, wealth was judged by gold and silver, exports over imports, sell more than buy, no foreign labor -helped established trading post empire
Who: Dr. Jenner
What: Inoculated a young boy with cowpox
When: 1796, military purposes
Where: originated in Europe, spread to Europe colonies
Significance: gave people hope that other infections could be prevented -eradicated diseases
-prevented but did not cure
-promoted inoculation work, British were wrong b/c they denied Hunter/Gatherer Society
Who: Natives and Europeans
What: society where all food is obtained from wild
When: 14th and 15th century
Where: New World
Significance: Natives were not technological advances as Europeans which gave them a disadvantage when it came to gathering food, hunting animals, and crops Inoculation
Who: Nuns
What: arm and nose inoculation
When: Prior to 1796
Where: Asia, Africa, IndiaSignificance: Beginning of prevention to disease. -Deliberate infection of disease to build immunity
- Africans spread the idea to colonies through slave trade
- Doctors did not approve b/c women practiced
-lost money
Virgin Soil
Who: European and Indigenous people
What: lands that were not exposed to disease
When: 16th and 17th century
Where: Americas
Significance: Changes the demographics of land, wiped out population due to lack of immunity – not colonized areas Virgin Forest
What: Prestine Forest
When: 16th century
Where: Amazon Forest
Significance: A...
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