Notes on the French and Indian War

Topics: French and Indian War, United States, Canada Pages: 2 (290 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Some Basic Notes:
England emerges as #1 naval power
France and England wanted control of land
War lasted from 1754-1763
French and Indian war ended French colonization
• France lost Canada
• Paris of Treaty made French leave: English was left with large debt • English decided to tax colonies for debt
• Land became difficult for England

Later on...
• England has greater responsibility to control the territory • More Soldiers
• Need more money
• More debt

Westward expansion: tension with Native Americans
Americans will have negative view of England
Americans believes taxes were unfair
English has greater control of trade

• War brought George Washington to prominence
• Known also as the Seven Years War
What happened/mostly about:
French and Indian War started in 1754 and ended in 1763. French owned land that was west of the 13 colonies, and parts now that is Canada. 1754, governor of Virginia sent soldiers to get rid of the French, out of the Ohio Valley. French responded with strength and soon later the war began.

In the beginning most American Indians stuck with the French. The French gave the Natives land with more respect than the English did. This advantage was very useful to the French. In 1758, William Pitt took over the process of the war, and more troops were added. Pitt encouraged fighters to invade Canada. The British at the time blocked the Atlantic coast. This prevented French ships getting supplies or soldiers. The British also made an alliance with the Iroquois. The Iroquois helped the English win more victories. in 1759 Britain took Quebec, and French surrendered.

The war finally ended when England, France, Spain, and Portugal signed the Treaty of Paris. That treaty meant that British took control of Canada, and France had no control in any areas in North America.

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