Bridge Collapse Washington State River

Topics: United States, Truck, Washington Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: September 30, 2013

Date: May 24th, 2013

Title: Bridge collapses into Washington State River; cars fall into water


Type: Local, but somewhat international due to the fact that it is still unclear if any of the people affected were from Canada or any other countries.

Brief Summary: A four-lane bridge in Washington has collapsed, dumping an unknown number of cars and people into the icy river below. The bridge is located approximately 130km from Vancouver and it is a main route for Canadian’s to cross over to the USA. It was not known what caused the collapse of the bridge, but State Patrol detectives and the patrol's commercial vehicle enforcement bureau troopers were talking late Thursday night to a commercial truck driver whose rig was believed to have struck the structure."It appears the commercial vehicle made contact with the bridge," Washington State Trooper Mark Francis said. "Whether it was the cause of the collapse or made contact as the bridge was falling, it appears it hit the bridge." The bridge was not classified as structurally deficient, but a Federal Highway Administration database listed it as being "functionally obsolete" -- a category meaning that the design is outdated, such as having narrow shoulders and low clearance underneath. The bridge was built in 1955 and has a sufficiency rating of 57.4 out of 100, according to federal records. That is well below the statewide average rating of 80, according to an Associated Press analysis of federal data, but 759 bridges in the state have a lower sufficiency score. The NTSB is now investigating.

Connection to civics: I can relate this to civics because many people within the community came together to save other peoples lives. Many people stopped what they were doing to protect the common interests of the entire community, which would be an example of social trade-off.
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