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Brand Identity Assignments
Building a Successful Brand (points 6 – 7 slides)
6. Brands should create emotional triggers… to build costumer relationships. People are generally ruled by their emotions, a brand must be able to initiate ones emotion in order to build a more successful brand. Emotions that affect how people feel about your brand and their decision to purchase your branded products and services can be sometimes negative and positive, some of the most frequently used examples are; 1. Trust: It’s the on of he hardest emotions a brand could trigger because it requires repetition as costumers usually prefer familiarity. A brand should create different opportunities to always meet costumer and market expectations, and in return of meeting those expectations costumers build a strong loyalty to the brand. Example: Volvo has built trust and respect with its costumers and created a relationship for life. 2. Passion: Passion is excitement; a successful brand makes its costumers desire its products or services, through excitement. Excitement connects with costumers. Example: Apple is a brand built with passion, Apple builds excitement in its brand and products to a level at which most companies could only dream of. Apple has its fans sit in lines for hours and days waiting for the latest piece of technology whether they need it or not. 3. Rebellion: A brand must surprise its costumers with creativity; rebellion generally means you embrace opportunities for revolution and exploration. Brands that use rebellion as a primary trigger value innovation. Example: HBO, the premium cable television network has always pushed the limit with the content of its shows like no other network had dared too. 4.Alarm: Brands that alarm, demonstrate efficient and practical solutions, these brands are detail oriented to avoid problems and always keep on track. Three qualities about alarm triggers; perfectionist, reliable and careful. These...
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