Brand Preference of the Mobile Phone

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Statistical STUDY Of the brand prefference of mobile

Research Advisor: sir zia ur rehman.
Prof.Zia ur rehman
Presented By:
Muhammad Hafeez 223
Muhammad Amjad 240
Muhammad Amir 210
Aoun ali hamid 128
Mussadik hussian 242

SESSION: 2009-2013
For the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of (hons)

Hailey college of commerce
University of the Punjab
Lahore, Pakistan

In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful! O Allah the Almighty! Indeed, my Heart is diseased. Please cure it. It is astray. Therefore put it straight. It is nearly darkened. Therefore, enlighten it. It is blind. Grant it the vision. It is soiled. Therefore, cleanse it. It is faulty. Put it right. O the Most Merciful of the Merciful.

(Kitab Al-Amal Bis-Sunnah Al-Maroof Tartib sharif
(The Holy Succession), Vol 6)


The Holly Prophet Hazrat MHUAMMAD (PBUH) Says.
“One Leader Man is Harbor on the devil than thousand ignorant worshipers”

My Spiritual Parents
To My Dear Father, Altaf Ahmed. A constant Source of strength, Encouragement and Love for me. Who’s critically suggestions and ceaseless Guidance guided me in every walk of life. To all my teachers & friends.

Who taught, guided and encourage me academically, Emotional and Spiritually. My beloved brother & sisters
Whose prayers are the sign of success
For my bright future.



This research is carried out to know the brand preference on the mobile phones telecommunication, along with different factors are influencing in the telecommunication in the universities students. This research is discusses about the consumer’s view point that the value and the role of the mobile brand in life. This research is discusses on the criteria in mobile phones selecting the universities and people of Lahore. This research mostly focuses on the student selecting the brand of mobile phones and how much use the one mobile phone and loyalty of the brand. This data mostly collect from the students of the Punjab University. After that data analyzed in the SPSS. The principle components is brand preference and 4 are the independent variables 1-image ,2- satisfaction 3-trust and 4-awareness. This research is helpful not only for the students but also for the brand manager for the telecom operators that how to improve their company’s strategies for the longer period of time for creae the good brand. Keywords: Mobile preference, choice, Lahore .

|Definition of living standard………… |1 | |Index of living ……………. |1 | |Social and economic development……………. |2 | |Economic Growth ………………. |3 | |Economic Growth in Pakistan………….. |5 | |Economic Development and population |6 | |Growth…………. | | |Role of income……………. |6 | |Role of education………… |7 | |Other factors affecting living conditions…………. |7 | |Research Objectives…….. |9 |

Literature Review
Review of the related Literature ………………………. 10 CHAPTER 3
|Research Methodology…………. |14 | |Universe or population………… |14...

Bibliography: 1.5.4--- Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson mobile communication is establish on October 1, 2001 by the Japanese consumer electronics company sony corporation and Swedish telecommunication company
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