Research Report on Consumer Prefrence Towards Mobile Handsets

Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Base station Pages: 25 (6708 words) Published: March 5, 2011
Study of Consumer Buying Behavior regarding the different Brands of Mobile Handsets

(Research Project Report)

Submitted to:-
University of Pune

In Partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the Degree of Master in Marketing Management (2009-11)

Under the supervision of:- Submitted by:- Mr. Ajit Borde Prashant Singh Mr. Ullhas Pramanik MMM 2nd Sem, Roll No. 93302
Institute of Business Management & Research,
Chinchwad, PUNE


In the successful completion of this project inspiration and guidance of many people was involved. A mere form of acknowledgement would be demeaning the status of this whole effort which has had the blessings and supervision of the eminent person around me. First of all I would like to thank Mr. Ajit Borde & Mr. Ullhas Pramanik who was there to guide me at every step during the course of this project. They gave me tips for the improvement in project whenever required. Apart from this I feel indebted to all faculty members of IBMR, especially who have helped, developed the right kind of attitude and scholastic excellence in me. Last but not the least; I am very much thankful to my parents, friends and all those persons who made this research project possible, for their consistent guidance and constructive criticism.

Prashant Singh MMM (II sem.) Roll No: 93302
Table of Contents

Chapter No.| Particulars| Page no.|
1| Introduction| 4-13|
2| Research Methodology| 14-17|
3| Data Analysis and Interpretation| 15-30|
4| Results and Findings| 31-32|
5| Conclusion and Summary| 33|
| Appendix | 34-38|
| Bibliography| 39|

List of tables
S.No.| Particulars| Page No.|
Table 1.1| Showing market share of major global players of mobile phones in 2009| 7| Table 3.1| Showing number of respondents owing a mobile phone| 18| Table 3.2| Showing different brands of mobiles phones used by the respondents| 19| Table 3.3| Showing respondents using same brand as they had earlier| 20| Table 3.4| Showing reasons for using mobile phone by the respondents| 21| Table 3.5| Showing the factors considered by respondent while purchasing a mobile hand set| 22| Table 3.6| Showing the sources which influenced the buying decision of the respondents| 23| Table 3.7| Showing different purposes for which mobile is used by the respondents| 24| Table 3.8| Showing ranking of various features of mobile handsets by the respondents according to their preferences| 25| Table 3.9| Showing range of price that respondents like to spend on mobile hand set| 26| Table 3.10| Showing features preferred in a particular brand of mobile phone| 27| Table 3.11| Showing agreement level of the respondents on various factors influencing purchase decision| 27| Table 3.12| Showing satisfaction level of the respondents| 29| Table 3.13| Showing additional features required by the respondents in their mobile handsets| 30|

List of Figures
S.No.| Particulars| Page No.|
Figure 1.1Figure 1.2| India’s mobile subscriber basemarket share in percentage of the mobile phone players in India| 1011| Figure 3.1| number of respondents owing a mobile phone|...
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