Brand Preference of Grameenphone Subscriber in Bangladesh

Topics: Mobile phone, Muhammad Yunus, Mobile network operator Pages: 28 (7053 words) Published: August 27, 2010
Chapter 1: Introduction

1 Origin of the report

This report is a requirement of the Internship program of BBA curriculum at the Khulna University This report is made under the supervision of Feroz Ahmed, Dean, Management and Business Administration School, Khulna University. The primary goal of the internship is to provide a realistic exposure to job and organizational conditions. It is called an “earn while you learn’ program of training which prepares students for corporate life

I worked in GrameenPhone Ltd. as an intern for 3 months. I worked in regional sales, sales division, Grameen Phone Distribution centre in Jessore area. This product sales division is mainly concern with selling and proper distributing of the product to the target market. They also do and carry promotional activities to increase the market in the region in order to be competitive. Most of the jobs over there were challenging as there are so many mobile operators in the market and the customer choice are very much difficult. I was assigned over there to know the customer trends, their choices of different kinds of brands and how to deal with the customers (Mainly POS-Point of Sale) of GrameenPhone Ltd. I had the opportunity to visit different territory (market) of Jessore with the territory officers of GrameenPhone Ltd. I got a very close look to how the “TO” works in the market. So, I got huge knowledge about direct sales and distribution which broadened my perception about sales. During this period, I used my observation and gained experience about implementing various selling technique and business concept which we learned throughout our graduation period. This observations and experience is portrait in this report which is mostly surrounding about sim card and service selling to the different kinds of point of sale (POS) of GrameenPhone Ltd.

1.2 Report Preview

This report is all about selling which is the most challenging job throughout the product life cycle. Selling is a condition where both parties- the customers and the marketers need to win. This internship report mainly contains two parts. First, The Organization part, which gives the idea about GrameenPhone Ltd.’s historical background, mission, vision, objective and strategies of the company. It also gives GP’s organizational structure, industry analysis, and description of products and services of GrameenPhone Ltd. There is also an overview of Bangladesh telecom industry, industry analysis and a brief description about mobile advertising. The Project part is mainly conducted to find out the main criterion for the choice of brand by the subscriber. For this reason, rigorous analysis has been conducted to construct the hypothesis and prove the hypothesis. This research part also includes detailed analysis like frequency analysis, .Then findings of this study is being presented ,recommendation , limitations of the study and finally the conclusion about the effectiveness of mobile adverting in our country.

1.3. Objective
1. To find out the reasons for customers’ preference towards a particular brand. 2. To find out customers requirement s of value added services about the brand.

1.4. Scopes
This study will be conducted within Jessore Sadar, Chowgasa andBagharpara area of Jessore Division. This study will cover the customers of GrameenPhone Ltd. of different age, occupation and gender.

1.5. Literature review:
Making the report I needed to go through some theory and go through some previous reports and writings about “Brand” and “Brand preference”. I lookout different kinds of books and reports and journals and internet and find out several definition about “Brand” “Brand Preference”. Brand: A name, term, sign, symbol, or design, on a combination of these, that identifies the maker or seller of a product or service and differentiate them from those of competitors. Perhaps the most distinctive skill of professional marketers is their...
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