How Cultural & Economic Factors Affect International Business

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Assignment on communication in GrameenPhoneLTD.

Communication in GrameenPhoneLTd.

Prepared for:
Ishtiaque Arif Assistant professor
School of business Studies
Southeast University
Prepared by:
Name Burhan Uddin Rabbani
ID- 2011110001065
MBA(regular), Batch -28th

Institution Name: Southeast University
Submision Date:


July28, 2012
Ishtiaque Arif
Assistant professor
School of Business
Southeast University.

Subject: Submission of Assignment report
Dear Sir,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the guidance and support you have provided me during the course of this report. Without your help, this report would have been impossible to complete. With deep gratitude, I also acknowledge the help provided by Mr. Shariful Huq, Customer Development Manager Grameen phone Ltd. To prepare the report I collected what I believe to be most relevant information to make my report as analytical and reliable as possible. I have concentrated my best effort to achieve the objectives of the report and hope that my endeavor will serve the purpose. The practical knowledge and experience gathered during report preparation will immeasurably help in my future professional life. I request you to excuse me for any mistake that may occur in the report despite of our best effort. I would really appreciate it you enlighten me with your thoughts and views regarding the report. Also, if you wish to enquire about an aspect of my report, I would gladly answer your queries. Thank you again for your support and patience.

Yours Sincerely,

Burhan uddin Rabbani

Program: MBA (Regular)
ID: 2011110001065, Batch: 28th (B)
Southeast University


All praise to Allah, the almighty, and the merciful. Without his blessing and endorsement this report would not have been accomplished.

The successful completion of this report might never be possible in time without the help some person whose inspiration and suggestion made it happen. First of all I want to thank my honorable teacher Ishtiaque Arif for helping me completing my report on “Assessment of Communication” in the context of Grameen phone.

I would also like to thank Mr. Shariful Huq, customer development manager at Grameen Phone, and my friend who helped me by providing informative instructions. Without them this project would have been very difficult.

And finally I also express my sincere gratitude to all those who participated to prepare the report. They were busy employee of Grameen Phone.

Executive Summary

Grameen Phone is the number 1 mobile operator with 44% market share (September, 2010). Number of subscribers stands at 2865 mn (Sep'10). - For 2010 up to end 03, total revenues were SOT 55.1 ho versus R0T48.6 hr for same comparable period in 2009, whereas 525 for 2010 up to end 0.3 was SOT 523 against BDT 537 for the same period in 2009. This project was designed to assess the Communication process in grameen Phone .it is generally recognized that, although Grameen phone is leading the market of mobile telecommunication industry, they have some communication error. Grameen Phone Communicate with the agents, dealers, employees in the following way: #...
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