Strategic Audit Report of Apple

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Introduction Part

1. Background of report

To expand the practical knowledge by implementing theoretical knowledge through the internship program that would make a student to become a competitive with the outside world. That program not only increases the knowledge but also give the idea about organizational activities before entering into an organization. STATE University OF BANGLADESH is one of the reputed private university in Bangladesh, has designed the curriculum of BBA course such way that international graduates will be produced. After competing 120 credits, one student need to go for further 4 credit internship programs in a commercial organization. From this internship program students get the opportunity to learn facing the real business world. My faculty supervisor Kazi Atif Anwar, approved the topic and authorized me to prepare this report as part of the fulfillment of internship requirement. The report thus was titled as “Analysis of Consumer satisfaction ofApex Adelchi Footwear Ltd”

1.2. Rationale of the study

The business world is getting dynamic and competitive day by day. It is hard for an organization to run & even survive in a fast paced, growing and uncertain world if it cannot keep tracks with the go of business dynamism. Business plays and links important roles in developing the economy of a country. So, as a business graduate, I think I need to be attached with any organization to get a handy & versatile experience about the business world before starting our career. Internship is the arrangement, which makes a bridge between our academic knowledge and practical world to have an acquaintance with the real business world as well as to gear me up to lead the future competitive business. I have worked in the Marketing division of Apex Adelchi Footwear Limited, head office, Gulshan-1, Dhaka. In this report, I will try to make an overall consumer analysis of AAFL.

1.3 Objectives of the report:

General Objective:
ϖ The primary objective of this report is to explore of consumer analysis of Apex Adelchi Footwear Ltd.

Secondary Objective:
ϖ To show an overview of the company(vision, mission, value, product offerings, associates companies)

ϖ To present an overview of Department of Gallerie Apex.

ϖ To present an overview of footwear industry, economic condition of Bangladesh & worldwide.

1.4 Methodology:

While conducting the report, sources were explored for primary information and data. But hardly any updated data could be found. In the absence of updated information or data dependence on secondary has been inevitable. However, wherever possibly primary data has been used. Data were also collected by interviewing the responsible officers and from some documents & statements printed by the Apex and the website of AAFL. There have been used some statistical tools (Microsoft Office Excel table) and graphical representation (Microsoft Office Excel chart) to find out different types of analytical results and interpretations.

1.4.1 Primary Data Collection:

Primary data
ϖ Practical desk work.

ϖ Face to face conversation with the officers and clients.

ϖ Face to face conversation with the consumer

ϖ Data collection of own supervision.

1.4.2 Secondary Data Collection:

Secondary Data
ϖ Annual report of AAFL.

ϖ Official files and folders.

ϖ Working papers.

ϖ Selected books.

ϖ Published and unpublished documents.

ϖ Website.

1.5 Limitations of the Study:

As I did my internship program in Apex Adelchi Footwear Limited & I worked in the Marketing Department so my report is fully based on the consumer satisfaction analysis of the company. But to prepare this report I faced little difficulties through I have also got some limitation which are: ϖ The first limitation is that I failed to sketch the complete picture of the Apex activities at...

References: • Annual Report (2010-2011) AAFL
• Yashna chowdhury brand manager, head office, Gulshan-1, Dhaka
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