Brand Preference

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Student name: Rachel N. Nuukunde
Student number: 201030020
Lecturer: Dr. Geoffrey Nambira
Due date: 10 March 2012 at 10h00pm

Table of contents Pages 1.1 Topic of the study 3 1.2 Introduction 3 1.3 Statement of the problem 3 1.4 Objectives of the study 3 1.5 Research question 3 1.6 Key words 4 1.7 Significant/ importance of research 4 1.8 Limitations 4 1.9 Delimitations 4 1.10 Summarization of the articles 5 Article1 5-6 Article2 7-8 Article3 9-10 Article4 11-12 Article5 13-14

1.1Topic of the study
An investigation on consumer brand preference in Windhoek between domestic products and imported products: analysis on Nammilk and Clover fresh milk 1.2 Introduction and Background
Brand choice plays a significant role in consumer decision-making when it comes to purchasing. This may appear as a tough choice as consumers have to choose a particular brand in presence of competing brands. As brand loyalty might be an issue consumers may however be willing to purchase substitutes if that brand is not available. This study emphasizes more on the willingness of consumers in spending their money on Nammilk fresh milk which is a Namibian product or on Clover fresh milk which is a South African product. Both of these products are believed to be the leading force in the dairy industry in their respective countries. The study will evaluate how ethnocentric the Windhoek consumers are, as to which brand is frequently bought between the competing dairy brands under study. 1.3 Statement of the problem

Do consumers prefer buying Nammilk or Clover fresh milk?
1.4 Objectives/ aim of the study
To find out whether consumers are willing to buy domestic milk or imported milk To exam the effects of the country-of-origin when it comes to brand choice Draw conclusions whether consumers prefer Nammilk, Clover or both brands 1.5 Research questions

What is driving consumers choose clover over Nammilk?
Does country-of-origin matter when choosing brands relatively to price? Which brand is bought more often?

1.6 Key words
Consumer, brand...
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