Popcorn and Brand
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Michael DiNapoli May 1, 2013
Bio 106 Prof Blanchette Section 2376
Bio Research Paper In this scientific experiment and in my research through five different brands being tested that Act II of stovetop popcorn kernels is the best brand based on its popped volume and taste. I chose this experiment because even though it is not the healthiest of snacks out there it is one of my favorites and I eat it almost everyday so I might as well get to know it a little better and do an experiment with it. I am very interested in which brands have a better quality of kernels and the many different tastes that come with them too. Cooking popcorn in the microwave isn’t as much fun as it is on the stove too, I enjoy when it pops out of the pot and I always try to time it right to see when they start popping and it is also helpful to know which brands pop faster and how and why they do based on their color, or size, or the temperature they are ready to pop at. There are some questions I have asked myself in order to put together this whole experiment and my hypothesis. How does the color of some popcorns affect how long it takes them to cook or be popped and why the different colors affect them? Which brand could possibly be cooked the fastest and taste the best based on the same exact ingredients added to every different brand and cooked the same way? Which brand perhaps could be the healthiest one to eat rather then the worst one for you with the same ingredients added? Which brand gets the most kernels popped out of the batch cooked at the same exact time and temperature used in all experiments? Which brand of popcorn based of all variables of the brands comes out the best cooked due to the same procedures in each? The brand that I think is the best brand based on its taste and volume is Act II brand without the comparison to the other brands based on the same experiment done to each. Each test subject will be done with the same amount of time and

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