Brand Personality of Bajaj Pulsar

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Brand personality is the attribution of human traits and characteristics to the brand name, so as to relate the personality of brand with a prospective customer and thereby increase the brand equity. I have structured my assignment in the following manner:

In part one I would define and examine the concept of brand personality and the specific human traits that can be associated with a particular brand.
Second part will include the association and evaluation of traits with my chosen brand. And
Third part would be about the challenges faced by the marketer of my chosen brand.

Part one:
Meaning and Concept of Brand Promotion:
“Personality” something attached to human beings refers to the combination of emotions, attitudes and behaviors that an individual attribute. While as “Brand” typically associated with the products or services means a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that differentiates one product or services from the other. Brand personality thus may be defined as the way the brand behaves or represent itself. It means to associate the human personality traits and characteristics with the brand so as to achieve uniqueness. The attribution of personal nature or human characteristics to brand is brand personality. From a customer’s point of view it’s a way for them to express their personalities and determine and define their life style through material possession. Brand personality is the outcome of two important elements, what the marketer wants the customers to think and feel about the brand and what customers actually think and feel about the brand. Brand personality is different from brand image; while brand image represents the physical and functional aspects of the brand the brand personality is associated with the emotional aspect of it. Brand personality plays an important role in development of brand equity. The brand personality is something related to the core consumers of the product. It depicts their nature and way of understanding. It replicates the relationship that a customer has with the brand. However it should be noted that brand personality not only is associated with the personality traits but also includes demographic aspects like age, gender or class. Typically the personality of brand is communicated through the elements of marketing mix Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

Advertising plays a major role in development and communication of brand personality. For example, Idea and Airtel, Idea advertisements are associated with innovative ideas to reduce pollution and look for new ways to prevent environment so it accounts to a caring, imaginative, observant and motivating personality traits. However Airtel on the other hand have an advertising campaign that is associated with the youth which is mostly motivated by the social networks and is internet savvy, thus the traits that can be associated with the brand are higher social interest, friendly, enthusiastic, candid etc. similarly symbols and logos have an everlasting impact on consumers to recall the product, hence even they can be used to promote and communicate brand personality. Like LIC uses hands as its logo which represents safety, UTI has kalash as it is considered sacred and signals good things. Also the slogans and the taglines also plays an important role in communicating the personality what a brand wants to convey to its consumers example Aston martin uses the tagline “power, beauty and sole”, Mahindra Scorpio “nothing else will do” represents ruggedness, Nike just do it represents excitement. Brand ambassadors have a huge impact on development of brand image. So choosing a right celebrity having the similar personality becomes important or else the whole campaign will be of no impact. Some of the traits associated with various brands:

* Bajaj pulsar Endurance, powerful and strong personality. * Titan...

Bibliography: * Kevin Lane Keller,strategic Brand Management 2nd Ed,pearson Education
* David.A Aaker,Building Strong Brands,Free Press
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