Brand name creation

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Brand name creation process

We read the chapter 16 from the New Products Management -book. We interested in the topic “What is a good brand name?” and so we wanted to find an article that would tell more about brand naming. We read the article “Observations: Creating Effective Brand Names: A Study of the Naming Process” by Chiranjeev Kohli and Douglas W. Labahn from Journal of Advertising Research (January-February 1997, p. 65-75. The article focused on the brand name development process. The book only told very briefly guidelines for name selection and pitfalls to avoid when choosing the name. Since the course is new product development course, we wanted to learn more about the creation process and not just about the name itself.

The book said that it is important that there is also a budget for creating customer awareness and understanding of the new brand. Otherwise you will only have “a meaningless combination of letters” as the book says it. Consequently the brand naming process do not stop after the name selection, it must be communicated to the customers.

The study in the article revealed how companies develop the new brand names. Individual creative thinking and brainstorming were used in 90 percent of the firms. These traditional methods were also considered to be most useful and a good starting point for the naming process. Other sources were existing names and open invitation from employees, companies also used the help of advertising and marketing companies. The book told also about computer softwares which can help you with choosing the name. We find it remarkable that less than 15 percent of the companies used suggestion from customers as a source of developing names.

The article also gave some guidelines for creating new brand names. So managers should set out clear objectives by the help of marketing strategy. Also a long list of alternative brand names helps in the process as long as the length is reasonable. After that the book...
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