Anomie in South African Context

Topics: Advertising, Brand, Marketing Pages: 3 (483 words) Published: September 19, 2013

* Delivers the massage clearly – Kentucky Fried Chicken (kfc) * Confirms your credibility –
* Connects your target prospects emotionally – Lewis, we are family * Motivates the buyer – free to be you (Edgars)
* Concretes user loyalty – ok store
* Brand identity – Good for life (Jet)
* Brand personality –
* Ilanga newspaper and Albany bakeries
- The name of the brand makes the product successful because it is trusted by the customers of the good quality service it produce, after a very long time the brand name still stands which is a confirmation to buyers that the product can be trusted because many brands pitch yet some never make it to the hierarchy top to stand firm. 4.

* The car brand is Ferrari, it is a sport car mostly seen as a symbol of luxury, wealth and a symbol of speed. 5.
* Top-of-mind awareness

* Ilanga newspaper – Ilanga leTheku
* Albany bakeries – Albany bread

* Strategic awareness
- Ilanga newspaper – Ilanga langeSonto (other news papers do not publish on Sundays) - Albany bakeries – very soft buns, sasko bread 6.
* Initialism – IT Company
* Descriptive – Pick ‘n Pay
* Alliteration & rhyme – m & m’s
* Evocative – Museum
* Neologisms – Nestle
* Foreign word – Porsche
* Founder’s names – Enzo Ferrari
* Geography – HillCrest
7. The noun name ama in zulu in branding name sport team names in South Africa it is used as a collaboration as in a way that is meaning some sort of unity because looking at a typical example, there is soccer team named Amazulu which on its own states that it is not just one they more than one and they together. 8.

* This not so long paragraph will be based more in marketing and the naming of business. Marketing a business is actually a main point of trying to make profit for that particular business, during marketing of the business there are couple of things an individual or an...
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