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My overall notion about the book Mexican Labor & World War II: Braceros in the Pacific Northwest, 1942-1947 by Erasmo Gamboa is a sickening feeling. The way that Braceros were treated was horrendous. It was all good when they were bring the Braceros up here from Mexico and had them working under contracts but when they stopped following the term that the contract stated that they were to have clean water, good food, proper housing, and more. But the land owners did not follow the terms of these contracts. They were mistreated and were working extremely long hours and were being overworked when they were working. Then when the Braceros went and looked for better jobs they would force them back. Unfortunately for the Braceros some got the jobs but were forced out when vets came back and were looking for jobs because the Braceros would be let go. The Braceros would try to return home and would use any means necessary to return to Mexico because of the harsh treatment the landowners would put upon the Braceros. Then the Braceros started protesting and would use non violent methods to try and get better working conditions. By just refusing to work hoping to get better working conditions failed because the land owners would call the police and force them to go back or other times some land owners would close down the kitchen so then they couldn’t eat and would just starve them out until they went back to work. The biggest problem I had with the way the Braceros were treated came from the government. There were only 2 government agents looking after all the Braceros residing in the states Oregon, Washington, Montana, Utah, and Idaho. By having so few people looking after all those Braceros to make sure their contracts were intact is just messed up. The fact that the Braceros were a huge part in keeping our country progressing. We were dependent on the Braceros work and because they were more reliable than other people was huge thing....
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