Alien World

Topics: Human migration, Mexico, Immigration Pages: 3 (1160 words) Published: September 19, 2013
English 100 August 30, 2013 American Borders In the article “Alien World” by Alexander Zaitchik (2009), the author makes a logical argument about how Mexico’s impoverished economy is heavily dependent on migrant workers and how it has affected an indigenous people.   Zaitchik is a freelance journalist who is affiliated with Poverty Law, a U.S. organization that supports ethnic and racial tolerance. Zaitchik’s article attempts to convey the idea that Mexico’s economy is forcing people to take desperate measures in order to survive.   He uses his experience with a border crossing simulation as a way to lure the reader into the article.   Zaitchik then proceeds to use statistical evidence to enlighten the reader about Mexico’s economic dependency on migrant workers.   Zaitchik travelled to Mexico to learn about and participate in the border crossing simulation.   He effectively uses his experience with the border crossing simulation, its participants, the Otomi people and his knowledge of the Mexican economy to effectively present his argument. Zaitchik’s personal experience and knowledge of the Otomi’s plight supplement his argument. He provides a series of facts and anecdotal evidence to show the emergence of a border crossing simulation in Mezquital Valley as a prelude to a bigger problem, Mexico’s economic dependency on migrant workers. Zaitchik states that the Otomi, the indigenous people of Mezquital Valley, lost 90% of their working class to migrant workers (258).   Many of the Otomi migrant workers make the trip north to work seasonally, but many are unable or unwilling to return (259).   The author’s use of these facts establishes that the Otomi were left with a population that would not be able to sustain their local culture or the community’s economy.   This...

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Here & Now with Robin Young and Irina Zhorov
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