into the beautiful north

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Mexico, United States Pages: 3 (1202 words) Published: October 30, 2013

Immigration into the Beautiful North
Into the beautiful North, by Luis Alberto Urea, is telling a story of a nineteen year old girl called Nayeli who is encourage by the movie “The Magnificent Seven” to go to the United States with her three best friends. Their mission was to cross the border and recruit seven men to save their town, Tres Camarones, from the bandidos. But she also wanted to bring her dad back home. He and the rest of the men of Tres Camarones went to the United States looking for jobs to sustain their family. The author wants to show how undeveloped Mexican towns such as Tres camarones can cause poverty, lidding to one of the biggest topic now days which is immigration. Immigration is a cruel and hard path caused by the necessity of people who live in underdevelopment towns such as Tres Camarones. First of all, poverty and underdevelopment are main causes of immigration. The people in Tres camarones did not like change. This town did not have a major highway, not hotels, neither tourist; it seemed like if it did not even exist. Moreover, People would be amazed by every new thing that arrived to the town, “in 1936, the ice came in big trucks, and fathers took their sons to observe it when it slid down the ramps in great clear blocks.”(Urrea,1). Nature made also changes into this town. After a hurricane Tres camarones faced an economical dropped, “the

peso dropped in value, suddenly there was no work. All the shrimp were shipped north, tortillas became too expensive to eat, and people started to go hungry.”(4). Therefore, the men of Tres Camarones such as Nayeli’s dad started thinking about going to the United States to get a better job opportunity, so they could send funds to their families. As Maria, Nayeli’s mom says, “you cannot eat beauty” (27). The Author also shows poverty describing Nayeli’s outfit, her short skirt, he says, “clothes didn’t grow on trees.”(8). Nayeli would use her high school skirt not just because she wanted...
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