Into the West

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Rail transport Pages: 3 (944 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Into The West
Amanda Miranda
America was beginning to boom! With the war over and immigrants coming to the land of “freedom” from all over the world, people began to adventure to the West. There was a new, unsettled land presenting opportunities beyond what anyone could imagine. The west offered natural resources such as gold, oil, and lumber, also it gave hope to freedom and landownership all the while guarding it with dangerous obstacle such as natives, disease, and drought. The forge west brought on all sorts of big European business men preying on ignorant and uneducated people. We see fishermen being conned to buy lands that they would turn over to corporate hands and natives letting go of their titles to white men whom had made them bad deals. The rush west brought in rail roads and cowboys, thieves and cattle wranglers the amount of growth was unlike anything that had been seen. There were many key issues that kept many immigrants from going west. A few of these key issues were; the people had with going west were fear of the indigenous native Americans, disease, and being under contracts for indentured servitude. I believe that the search for wealth and landownership was the most enticing factor. Immigrants were seeking freedom and live their lives with their families. People wanted to manifest their own destinies. I would have definitely of gone!

The sparkle of gold, the rush of finding oil, and the dollar signs that came with miles of trees provoked the large onset of western pilgrimage. The possibilities were endless as they traveled day in and day out battling indigenous native Americans, small pox, dysentery, and the elements. But these things would not stop the setters. They forged into the unknown, the hopes of landownership was a huge role in the track west, companies and independent people promising free plots to the immigrants. Most of the land was located in desolate, god forsaken places but nevertheless, drew people by the thousands....
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