GKE Task 1

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For the first of my two environmental/geography factors contributed to both the expansion and development of the United States, I have chosen the gold rush. The reason I have chosen this as one of my two choices is because I use to live in Grass Valley, California very close to Sutter’s Mill. As a child I would visit Sutter’s Mill often. Even now the town has retained the western feel of the gold rush. How amazing in 1848, just one hundred and sixty eight years ago, California was practically unknown to the United States. Once it became known “That there was gold in them hills”, California became emanated with settlers from all over the United States in hopes of finding their riches. California grew aggressively, people began to settle and grow along the routes. The impact this had on the immigrants wasn’t always positive. The large quantities of gold only went to a few individuals and made them very wealthy. However the majority of the immigrants returned to their homes with only a minimal amount to show for all their hard work. On the flip side the immigrants often showed amazing initiative. For example, in the middle of the Gold Rush, towns were chartered, a state convention was convened, a state constitution written, elections held, and representatives sent to Washington, D.C. to negotiate to admit California as a state. After the initial explosion of the gold rush was at its end, clearly there were and racist attacks, laws and confiscatory taxes wanted to drive out foreigners from the mines especially the Chinese and Latin American immigrants mostly from Sonora, Mexico and Chile. The hardship on the American immigrants was severe, one in twelve forty-niners died, as the death and crime rates soared during the Gold Rush (All About The Gold Rush).

My second choice for an environmental /geographical factor that contributes to...
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