Repatriation and Deportation

Topics: United States, Great Depression, Mexico Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: June 14, 2015
Idalia Apodaca
Deportation and Repatriation
In the article From Discrimination to Repatriation: Mexican Life in Gary, Indiana, During the Great Depression by Neil Betten and Raymond A. Mohl, the definition given of repatriation was described as the forced exodus of a large portion of the Mexican communities during the early 1930's. Furthermore, repatriation was described in two phases of voluntary and involuntary. In the article Stimulus to Repatriation: The 1931 Federal Deportation Drive and the Los Angeles Mexican Community by Abraham Hoffman, it provided information on deportation which lead to the creation of repatriation and helped make a relationship between both.There were differences between deportation and repatriation illustrated by the L.A. and the Gary examples. Gary, Indiana they don't mention the word deportation because they had multiple strategies on how to get rid of the Mexicans. One was to deny them county release and another was to raise money.In Gary, Indiana there was a campaign that encouraged business' to donate money to buy train tickets for Mexicans and in return get tax credit. In Los Angeles there is pressure for the deportation drive campaign and in turn creates repatriation. A scare campaign was created and publicized in hope that some aliens would be frightened into leaving and others would steer clear of Los Angeles. The Mexican chamber of commerce, Mexican consul and mutual aid society(mutualistas) raised the funds for Mexicans to return to Mexico and not businesses like in Gary, Indiana. From both of these articles you can conclude that the campaign drives, deportation and a forced exodus called repatriation was a traumatic experience for Mexicans. The Mexican-American history and the movement of so many Mexicans has yet to be mentioned and brought up until recent articles published. I think it is important that we include them as part of the United States history because without them our agriculture, railroads and other...
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