Boycott and Lockout as an Anti Impasse Weapon

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Boycott and Lockout as an anti impasse weapon.
2.Main Body
Collective Bargaining
Example for Lockout
Example for Boycott
In this study,
Collective bargaining
Collective bargaining takes place between workers` union and employer or employersorganization. Workers form and join the union which represent and protect their interest against employers. Labor union can be formed by industry, sector, region etc. Similarly, employers or organizations also can form group or union according to their common interest and objectives. By forming groups, union and organization both side gain power of ‘collective voice’ against each other. Collective bargaining has also various advantages and useful aspects for both concerning parties. It provides meaning and power to the agreements related to wages, working conditions made by two sides. By this way employers and workers union can easily define the rules governing their relationship. (Ref.) Usually parties bargain in good fair, make agreement, maintain consensus point and satisfy each other with their demand. But not always it works, when they fail to resolve the disputes, occurs conflict between parties. In labor market this deadlock situation is called impasse. When parties reach impasse situation, they are using economic weapons against each other to maneuver. Employees pressures employers by going to strike and boycott in order to get what they demand from them. Similarly, employers organize lockout and by stopping production to exert pressure on employees. These actions are lawful when performed in peaceful manner and controlled not to allow to occur violence during the action. Strike

ONS labour disputes survey
Labor union makes use of boycott as an economic weapon against employers when conflict occurs between them. The boycott is attempt made by labor union to...
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