Topics: Employment, Discrimination, Racial discrimination Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: September 19, 2014
3.1 Introduction
There are various ways for the employees to voice out their dissatisfaction. One of the ways is by using picketing. Under section 40 of Industrial Relation Act allow workers to attend at or near their workplace when they have a trade dispute. The purpose of picketing are communicate issues to the public and embrass the employers. Picketing also held at lunch time, and before or after working hours. Picketing is enforceable by law as long as it must not intimidate anyone,must not obstruct the entrance or exit the organization. 3.2 Summarization

National Union of Bank employees (NUBE) held another picket on the issue for discriminating its Muslim employees and also in support with the 27 employees that have been sacked by the bank. The picket was held at Jalan Tun Perak. The Muslim employees had been discriminated by dissallowed them from performing their prayers in the office by the management. They had been sacked because they did not agree to transfered to other branches. They had been discussed with the upper management but no action taken by the authorities to settle the issues. They will continue to fight for the workers until Hong Leong Bank reinstate the sacked 27 employees. The Mole when contacted with Shirin Roesman officer of Hong Leong Bank stated that the fact of disallowed Muslim employees was untrue statement. They are not allowed because surau is located in a secured area as they were not the staff of the branches and they just only the NUBE members. No one is allowed to entered into a secured area as it has been a standard security policy of any financial institution. She also stated that its staff had been allowed to perform their prayers without any prejudice. 3.3 Main Issues

The issues arises is discriminates its Muslim employees by disallowed them to perform their prayers at Surau. As the officer ofHong Leong state that the Muslim employees is not the staff of Hong Leong Bank. Many negotiations had been taken by the...
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