Boutique Business Plan

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Your Dreams… Our Designs!!!


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Clothing is a beautiful visual demonstration of the social and emotional needs of people wearing it. It also portrays in a clearly understood visual manner, what people of different cultures and styles want socially. Fashion, through times, has gone through so many rapid changes and bizarre extremes that it has examples of nearly every kind of clothing function. The market of this enterprise is quite scattered and unorganized. There are a few major players in Boutique business and there is a massive potential in this field, if one has the ability to design and market his/her products through introducing innovative designs. The Indian consumer has undergone a remarkable transformation. India’s population is very young. Most consumers have been exposed to the standards of living and consumer culture abroad. This generation is also making money at a younger age. As a result they are ready to spend most of their income on apparel, accessories, and electronics. Shreshta, a Sanskrit word which means “beauty” and “excellence”, defines the basic motive behind its establishment: Providing excellent outfits with beautiful designs. The tagline “Your dreams, our designs” portrays its unique feature of customer satisfaction through customization. Shreshta is a woman owned, woman oriented store.

Shreshta will carry Ready-to-Wear designer and casual/contemporary apparel & accessories for women with extensive range fabrics and designs making it a “one stop store”.

“Transform women’s lives by making them feel good about themselves, through their outfits, to build their self esteem in order to reach their highest dreams and potential”

“Open a chain of successful women’s apparel and accessory boutiques, adding new stores with innovative ideas each year”

* To provide women with a complete shopping experience
* To add new designs in every season
* To satisfy the customers through customization
* To achieve a profit margin of 15 - 20%
* To become a profitable business with expansion potential

Shreshta operates with 6-8 people who include supervisory staff, sales persons, temporary and permanent tailors. In times of high demand, we require temporary tailors, who are paid on daily basis.

Maintenance staff
Sales person 1
Sales person 2

The boutique consists of different products such as traditional wear, western wear and accessories. The traditional wear consists of:
* Salwar suits
* Lehengas
* Ghagras
* Sarees
The western wear consists of:
* Frocks
* Tops and tunics
The accessories consist of:
* Bags
* Belts
* Bangles
* Chains
The boutique provides with varied range of fabrics where customers can choose the fabric suitable to their skin and which makes them feel comfortable. It also provides with different colors and designs when they can also customize the fabrics, colors and designs. It also provides with various accessories such as bags, belts, chains etc making it a one step complete shopping experience. PRICE:

There are four types of pricing strategies mentioned as follows: * Economy
* Penetration
* Skimming
* Premium

Pricing Strategies Matrix

In the economy pricing strategy low quality is...
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