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Genesis Colors pvt. Ltd.: Satya paul

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Genesis Colors

Genesis Colors pvt. Ltd.

Genesis luxury

• GENESIS COLORS Genesis Colors (P) Ltd. was established in 2001 with a vision to create a global fashion conglomerate on the lines of international fashion houses. While taking premium Indian fashion labels to the world the company has also pioneered the concept of luxury retail in India. GENESIS LUXURY After spear heading corporatisation in the Indian fashion industry with premium designer labels such as Satya Paul, Deepika Gehani, Samsaara, Shobhaa De and Bwitch, Genesis Colors Pvt Limited, established in 2001, forayed in the year 2008 into the marketing and distribution in India for world-renowned luxury brands through its new division, Genesis Luxury Fashion Pvt. Ltd.


• Satya Paul is a renowned name in the world of women’s wear for his creative genius in the area of exquisite prints. Satya Paul is known for his designs inspired from the Mother Nature. The designer gets the inspiration from the life and from the whole world around us. • Initially the Satya Paul line consisted of sarees and fabrics but eventually expanded to include scarves and ties which are in its collections today. • Today Paul’s son Puneet is the head designer for the Satya Paul brand. He works with weavers, printers and craftsmen to combine traditional methods and modern technology. With his clothes Satya Paul hopes to make an impact on the world


DEEPIKA GEHANI Samsara B!witch Tie Rack

• Deepika’s collections are characterized as refreshingly feminine and chic. • Associated with Genesis Colors Pvt. Ltd. since 2005, the brand has won accolades for cutting edge designs at Indian and international fashion events. • This luxurious abode of fashion, which has more than a dozen high-end concept boutiques across India and the Gulf, is a onestop designer destination that provides high fashion clothing, shoes, accessories and home furnishings

• India’s very own designer lingerie label is youthful, seductive, and fashionable lingerie for the contemporary Indian woman. A style for every mood, thought and occasion that not only compliments the outfit but also accentuates her form.

• Genesis Colors signed a licensing agreement with Tie Rack London and brought the brand in India in May 2009. Accessory range available in Tie Rack stores in India includes ties, cufflinks, shirts, watches, belts, wallets, silk scarves, sunglasses, portfolio bags for men.


Design studio


The inception of the Satya Paul Design Studio dates back to 1985, at a time when the Indian fashion Industry was still at a nascent stage; it immediately established itself with the originality and quality of its printed fabrics and garments. Over the years, the in-house digital design studio has developed into a benchmark not just for aesthetics but also for its technical prowess. It encompasses the entire design process from yarn and weaves, printing, embroideries and hand painting to patterns, accessorising and finishing.

Genesis Colors is one of the few companies that can boast of technology driven, fully automated production facilities in Mumbai and Gurgaon. These state-of-the-art facilities feature highly advanced machinery and a collective workforce of more than a thousand skilled professionals. Matched with a dedicated quality conscious production team, these facilities comprise of specific units for printing, dyeing, embroidery and stitching.


The Satya Paul label’s mission is to serve its muse, the Satya Paul customer. She is the global woman of today; intelligent, responsive, fulfilling many roles – nurturer, corporate hi-flier, world citizen and ecological guardiansecure in her own skin. The label answers her sartorial needs with the Satya Paul product line - saries, fusion and western...
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