Bosch Strategy Report

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C19SN - Strategic Management – Year 3

Report on BOSCH Case Study
Group Presentation 18 – Space to Breathe

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Bosch has always been a value-driven company. From the very beginning, the company's history has been characterized by innovative drive and social commitment. World market leader in
Automotive technology
Power tools
Micro-electromechanical systems
Heat pump technology
Bosch is known for providing technology with a concern to the ecological factors relating to the environment i.e. the electric car in the making. Numerous institutions have honored Bosch for its corporate policy of sustainability and international understanding. In 2010 it invested around €3.8 billion in research and development and applied for over 3,800 patents worldwide. Robert Bosch GmbH is privately owned, and 92% of its share capital is held by Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH, a charitable foundation



In 1886, Robert Bosch founded the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart -today's globally active Robert Bosch GmbH. •In 1887, First low-voltage magneto from Bosch for stationary petrol engines. •In 1897, Robert Bosch invented his first automotive product – the magneto ignition device - grown to become the company’s largest and oldest business sector. •Most values tracked back to the founder

300,000 associates
service partners in 150 countries
Provide innovative solutions with benefits
Only Six CEO’s in 125 years of work experience
The Bosch logo represents a simple magneto armature and casing, one of the company's first products. •Started using the “new green technology” symbol, to show the energy efficiency and sustainability of its appliances. •Trasportation vehicles, t-shirts etc for the employees with the bosch logo. Routine:

Company has a reputation for innovation
Does not cut on funds for research and development
Team thinking
Taking responsibility of their own errors
Reinvesting almost all of the profits in the business
Relationship with the employees
Encourage employee outlook
Open to ideas, speaks freely to the press and is very communicative. Paradigm:
Encourage Team Work and Fairness
Learning organizational culture
Reliability, Credibility and legality
Emphasis on Strong Culture Roots
Focus on future results and its consequences
Cutting Edge Technology
Openness and trust
Expand and Diversify
Investment in research and development.
Socio-Cultural Environment
Employee involvement
Superior-Subordinate Relationship
Control System:
Well communicated objectives and milestones.
Focused Acquisition- to expand and diversify
Continues Advancement of Technology
Spent 3.8 Billion Euros on R&D in 2010
Emphasis on reward and appraisal
Control systems based on Current Strategies
Few controls placed- 3 main sectors
Qualitative product and services enhancing customer satisfaction Power Structures:
Core beliefs of leadership- believe in team work and take up responsibility for each other’s errors. -idealistic beliefs not pragmatic •Combines local and international roots in the business
Directive leadership but calm attitude
Did not cut costs for training and development of the workforce •Expanding the company further more by getting into solar panels. •Emphasis on diversity causes change in decisions i.e. acquisition •Also maintaining financial stability acts as criteria to consider before a change made. •Information and knowledge considered essential

Open network links throughout the hierarchy
Organizational Structure:
Organic structures with mechanistic approach
Initiative and determinative spirit.
More hierarchical than flat-roles and responsibilities even...
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