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The BMW Company (2010 6 Series 650i Convertible)
BMW has come a long reached many milestones since its introduction into the German market through much anticipation and a well thought out plans towards becoming the one of the most popular family of luxurious cars globally. Rapp-Motorenwerke was a firm that first invented aircraft engines and motorcycle engines in 1913 before the firm invented Austin Stevens’s cars. By merging with the Bayerische Flouzeugwerke factory, which was located near Munich, Germany in 1922, the company was able to expand into a few other markets towards the beginning of WWII. They had their own particular symbol which resembled the airplane propeller. At the start of WWII during 1939 BMW had begun the 328 sports car, which was later nominated as the car of century. However, once the war was into full effect the company dedicated itself to only making aircraft engines to help support the war. It was until 1948 to 1952 that cars and motorcycles, respectively, began to be manufactured again within the company. The BMW 501 was invented by BMW towards the end of the year of 1952 and it wasn’t such a big hit. Therefore, the company decided to buy the design and manufacturing rights to Isetta, a micro size cheap car, because it was easier make and sell. The company did hang in tough through the financial drought until the next decade. Eventually by the 1960’s the company was a success again. With the four cylinders BMW 1500 sports car created in 1961, and the two door BMW 2002 production was very live until the 1970’s. Afterwards came the 3 series BMW. Throughout the 70’s the BMW had continued success with the sequel 3, 5, and 7 series. By 1993 the firm’s output had increased by 1700% with the sales that topped the Mercedes Benz in Europe. From 1994 to 2000 BMW acquired the British Range Rover and decided to release rights due to failed success. BMW continues to make...
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