Boomerang Employees: Bring

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Boomerang Employees: Bring ‘Em Back

“Great Things are coming back”
Employee turnover is one of the biggest expenses for organizations. Losing and replacing employees can cost one times the salary and benefits of the departing employee. One method of combating high turnover costs is to focus on bringing back boomerang employees also commonly referred as “rehires,” and “retreads”- are all names given to the employees who are the people who used to work for you, departed on good terms, and may be candidates to bring back into your workplace. People leave a firm for many reasons: more money, a promotion and greater flexibility are only a few. Sometimes family situations, such as young children or elderly parents, require their full attention. Often employees see no possibility for career advancement in their current position.

In the already saturated talent market, keeping in view the prevalent scenario, organisations have opened doors to welcome the employees who have left them on a good note and had proved to be good performers for the organisation in the past. Employees leave organisations for various reasons. Most of them are tempted by the “greener pastures on the other side”. Often, the employees realize that there previous organisation wasn’t that bad to work. And sometimes, even the organisation fails to find the suitable candidate with the required skill set, experience etc. Boomerang hiring has come across as an effective solution to the various HR problems for the organisations.

• FACULTY , NEHRU INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES ,COIMBATORE • FACULTY , NEHRU INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLGY ,COIMBATORE The trend of boomerang hiring is catching up fast in the worldwide corporate world. But a few years back hiring the ex-employees of an organisation was not an acceptable practice. Organisations followed it as a policy of not taking back the employees who have left their organisation for a better opportunity. Leaving an organisation was taken as a perfidy. But today, where change is the only constant thing, boomerang hiring is the latest trend in hiring. Recruitment policies have been modified to incorporate the hiring of boomerangs in the organisation. And even employees who are happy in your organization may feel the need to gain a different perspective – especially if this was their first job. To encourage boomerangs, you need to plant the seed during the resignation. “When a valued employee says they are leaving, there are two things an employer should do. • First, ask if there is anything you could change that might cause them to reconsider. • Second, tell them, in no uncertain terms, if you ever want to come back for any reason – I will try to find a job for you, so call me. • Pride can keep people from even calling unless you make it clear that the call is welcomed.” How do you identify employees who may be candidates for boomeranging? Really listen to them when they tell you their reason for leaving. Some circumstances, such as the care of young children or an elderly parent, are going to change over the years. You can follow up with them occasionally to see how their new lifestyle is working for them and notice if there seems to be a longing to return. If people are leaving for a job with a start up company, find out where they are going and keep track of whether the company stays in business.

Make sure those ‘pie-in-the-sky’ promises of a great salary and fantastic job opportunities turn out to be both realistic and in line with the expectations of your former employee. If you read that the company they left for is beginning reductions in force, give them a friendly call – they may be worried that their status as “last hired” places them in jeopardy. Most importantly, don’t discount the social aspect of...
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