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 BOOKS AND READING Topical Vocabulary 1. Categorisation: Children’s and adult’s books; travel books and biography; romantic and historical novels; thrillers; detective stories; science fiction/fantasy; non-fiction; pulp fiction. absorbing; adult; amusing; controversial; dense; depressing; delightful; dirty; disturbing; dull; fascinating; gripping; moralistic; obscene; outrageous; profound; whimsical; unputdownable. 2. Books and their parts: paperback and hardback; binding; cover; jacket; title; epigraph; preface; the contents list; fly leaf; bookplate; blurb; a beautifully printed book; a tome bound in leather; a book with dense print/ with loose pages. 3. Reading habits: to form a reading habit early in life; to read silently/incessantly/avidly/voratiously; to read curled up in chair; to read a child/oneself to sleep; to be lost/absorbed in a book; to devour books; to dip into/glance over/pore over/thumb through a book; to browse through newspapers and periodicals; to scan/ skim a magazine; an avid/alert/keen reader. 4. Library facilities: reading rooms and reference sections; the subject/author/title/on-line catalogue; the enquiry desk; computer assisted reference service; to borrow/renew/loan books; CDs and video tapes; rare books; to keep books that are overdue; books vulnerable to theft; to suspend one’s membership; to be banned from the library.

I. Use the thematic vocabulary in answering the following questions:

1. Which books are you reading now?
2. Where is your favourite place to read?
3. Who is your favourite novelist?
4. Who is your favourite character?
5. Which contemporary author do you most admire?
6. Which is the first book you can recommend reading?
7. Which school text did you most enjoy?
8. What is your favourite children’s book?
9. Which book would you like to see filmed?
10. What is the most difficult book you have ever read?

II. Work in groups. Find out about the last book each of your partners has read and make notes on these points:

Author and title
Type of book and what’s it about
Reason for liking it
Reason for recommending it to others

III. Work in pairs. Choose the best alternative to complete these sentences:

1. Oliver Twist is a classic work of English ... .
Literature non-fiction letters editions
2. The plot of the story was very exciting, but I didn’t find the ... . Persons people characters figurers
3. This book is a special edition for foreign readers, so there’s a(n) ... . Appendix glossary introduction preface table of contents 4. A novel is usually divided into several ... .
Chapters units sections passages
5. If you need to find some information in a non-fiction book, look in the ... . Atlas blurb catalogue diary index review
6. Cambridge University Press is the ... of the book you’re reading. Author editor printer publisher
7. A great novel has a good plot and a strong ... .
Communication meaning message significance
8. The book was marvelously ... and it was a joy to read.
Stylistic tedious well-written wonderful
9. Ernest Hemingway is one of my ... American writers.
Best favourite ideal most popular
10. The thriller was so exciting that I couldn’t ... .
Let it down look it up pick it up put it down
11. Even the ... characters in the book are really interesting. Less minor small tiny
12. I’d like to ... that book when you’ve read it.
Borrow hire lend loan

IV. In these sentences three alternatives are correct and two are wrong. Choose the best three alternatives for each:

1. The ... character in the book is called Oliver.
Central main principal principle top
2. I enjoy her books because her style is so very ... .
Dull entertaining readable tedious true-to-life 3. I found that the characters in...
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