Topics: African American, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: October 28, 2013
1. What was the first and most important decision of African American men and women after slavery? The first and most important decision of African American men and women after slavery was reconstructing the family unit. Families would have their children taken away and forced into apprenticeships, the women were not submissive to their husbands for slavery instilled in them a sense of independence and in men, a lack of authority, for he was not able to protect and provide for his family. (Pg 53)

2. Why was the 1869 AERA meeting contentious?
The 1869 AERA meeting was contentious because there was a dispute of who was in more need of enfranchising at the time, African American women or African American men. The freed men argued that women’s rights would not be as effective for they would still be discriminated against, even by white women, for their race. Conversely, the freed women believed that they had just as much entitlement to rights as their male counterparts for they had endured the same grievance and obstacles. (Pg 63)

3. Discuss three errors in Stein's ideas about African American women. Three errors in Stein’s ideas about African American women are her generalization of all Blacks regardless of class or education, Stein suggests that African American women are promiscuous and subject to temptations as a result of slavery, also, she argues that their standards and morals were lowered because they grew up in one-room cabins. None of Stein’s ideas of African American women are valid for they are generalized and opinionated instead of fact based claims. (Pg 74)

4. Why was the Columbian Exposition important for two writers? The World Columbian Exposition of 1893 was most important to Fannie Barrier Williams and Anna Julia Cooper because it permitted them the opportunity to talk about issues that African American woman tolerated, in a public integrated forum. Williams addressed the sexual exploitation that African American women...
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