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Topics: Artemis Fowl, Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code, Eoin Colfer Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: May 25, 2014
Artemis Fowl: the eternity code
Eoin Cofler

January 11 2014
Period 2

Artemis fowl is the heir to a multi-national criminal empire. He is witty, cunning and just when you think your one step ahead of him you are ten steps behind. He has outsmarted many of the world’s criminal elite in just fourteen years and if given the opportunity he will do the same to you no matter who you are. The book is about saving a super computer that Jon spiro, multi-billionaire computer designer and manufacturer stole from artemis.jon would have already broken into the computer if Artemis hadn’t built an eternity code into it. This eternity code is by name supposed to take eternity to break. The setting for most of the book is in the Spiro tower in New York, but there are many other places the book takes place too. The author doesn’t really specify when the book takes place exactly but after reading it I would say that it takes place in modern day united states, sometime around 2009 up to now. The main character is Artemis fowl; he is extremely outgoing and VERY witty. He reminds me very much of Courtney budgel because in the book he shows many of the qualities that Courtney does in day to day life like being smart with people in general and being two steps ahead of everyone. The main conflict is that Artemis is having problems getting back the computer because the Spiro tower is heavily guarded and very secure and also the fact that he is locked in a vault like prison cell 80 floors down from where the computer is being held. The authors writing style is very easy to follow, he writes in a slow paced way that is never hard to understand so if you get confused with other books I would recommend this series to you’d would say I like this book mainly because of the authors writing style and also its very easy to get into aswell,its very similar to the writing style of Suzanne Collins .I would say that the theme is that friendship trumps wealth because artemis almost...
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