Topics: Wuthering Heights, Catherine Earnshaw, Hindley Earnshaw Pages: 11 (2830 words) Published: August 22, 2013
a) Chapters 1-3

1. Why does Mr. Lockwood go to Wuthering Heights? What kind of welcome does he receive?

2. Why does Lockwood return to Wuthering Heights uninvited, and how do the results of his visit affect the remainder of the novel?

3. When Lockwood first enters Wuthering Heights, who lives there?

4. What feeling do we get from Wuthering Heights and its occupants in these first few chapters?

5. Describe Heathcliff.

6. What glimpses from the past does Lockwood get when he discovers Catherine's books?

7. Whose ghost visits Mr. Lockwood? What is Heathcliff's reaction to the ghost?

B) Chapters 4-8

1. Who is Nelly Dean?

2. What do the gifts that Hindley and Catherine ask their father to bring them reveal about their characters?

3. What are Heathcliff's origins?

4. Why does Hindley despise Heathcliff?

5. Characterize Catherine.

6. Compare and contrast Catherine's and Heathcliff's reactions to the Lintons at Thrushcross Grange.

7. Why did Edgar get applesauce dumped on him?

8. Catherine is pained by Hindley's punishment of Heathcliff, yet she continues to entertain her guests. What change does this reveal?

9. What does Heathcliff begin to plan?

10. Who is Hareton Earnshaw?

11. How does Frances' death affect Hindley?

12. Edgar gets a good look at Catherine's "other side." What is his reaction?

C) Chapters 9-10

1. Who saves Hareton's life?

2. Why does Catherine accept Edgar's proposal when she knows Heathcliff is a part of her soul?

3. Why does Heathcliff disappear?

4. How has Heathcliff changed during his absence of three years?

5. Who is Isabella, and what does she think of Heathcliff?

6. How does Heathcliff begin his revenge on Hindley (and ultimately gain control of his land)?

D) Chapters 11-13

1. Describe Hareton Earnshaw as a boy.

2. Why does Heathcliff embrace Isabella?

3. Why does Catherine put herself into a fit?

4. For what does Catherine wish in her delirium?

5. What happened to Isabella's springer?

6. How does Edgar react to Isabella's running away with Heathcliff?

7. What kind of a reception does Isabella receive at Wuthering Heights?

8. What does Isabella want of Nelly?

E) Chapters 14-17

1. Describe Heathcliff's relationship with Isabella.

2. Why does Nelly agree to take Heathcliff's letter to Catherine?

3. Describe the relationship between Heathcliff and Catherine.

4. What does Heathcliff plead for from Catherine?

5. Why does Edgar bury Catherine away from the family?

6. Isabella hates Heathcliff and yet she warns him that Hindley has a gun and means to shoot him. Why?

7. What is Hareton doing when Isabella escapes?

8. Who is Linton?

9. Compare and contrast the way Hindley and Edgar handle losing their spouses and rearing their children.

10. Upon Hindley's death, who owns Wuthering Heights, and how?

F) Chapters 18-21

1. Describe Cathy's first meeting with Hareton.

2. Describe Linton Heathcliff.

3. Why does Heathcliff want Linton?

4. Why does Heathcliff feel an affection for Hareton?

5. Why does Nelly cut off the love letters between Cathy and Linton?

G) Chapters 22-26

1. How does Heathcliff get Cathy to visit Linton?

2. Linton is not very likable. Why do you think Cathy cares for him?

3. Compare the relationships among Heathcliff, Catherine, and Edgar to the relationships between Hareton, Cathy, and Linton.

4. Where do Cathy and Linton meet?

5. Why does Heathcliff want Cathy and Linton to marry?

H) Chapters 27-30

1. Why is it necessary for Heathcliff to kidnap Cathy and Nelly?

2. Why does Linton help Cathy escape to see her father?

3. How has Heathcliff arranged to finally be with Catherine?

4. After Linton dies, what is left for Cathy?

I) Chapters 31-34

1. Why is Hareton trying to learn...
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