Book Review Winning

Topics: Management, Better, Employment Pages: 3 (1165 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Book Review – Winning by Jack Welch
Winning, is a motivational story of Jack’s rise in the world of business, aiming his focus on profits, teamwork, and people. Having worked at General Electric for Forty years, he led the company to success in various markets globally, while rising above their top competitors. With his no non-sense attitude, the book provides knowledge which can strike a chord with people in any level in their career. Jacks straightforwardness maps out for the reader guidance that can only come from a man of his experience. He uses personal accounts throughout the book which directly ties into scenarios that are played out in the world of business regularly. It helps give practical reasoning and explanation of difficult questions that people face in order to help reach success. Overall, the purpose is to be able to answer questions about business and management that several people struggle with.

The book is written in sections titled Underneath it All, Your Company, Your Competition, Your Career, and Tying Up Loose Ends. Three major learning outcomes that are discussed is that a company and manager is defined and must address by three things; their mission, their values, and candor coming from the top. By defining the difference between all three it allows for managers to be able to differentiate what is important and what things need to be focused on. It is common for companies to mistake their mission with their vision and so one or the other is lacking. If the identification of the two is mixed up, a company’s mission statement may not say enough or have statements that are not concrete enough to help guide the company towards a specific direction. By being able to identify strengths and weaknesses individuals will be able to be knowledgeable as to what exactly the company’s direction is. It is important that the mission statement answers what actions the company will take in order to win in the business that they are in and what steps...
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