Boiler Room

Topics: Management, Control, Leadership Pages: 4 (1327 words) Published: December 6, 2005
The Boiler Room

The movie The Boiler room is about a young man who has dropped out of Queens College and wants to please his father, who is a federal judge who is extremely harsh. At his father's persistence, Seth Davis closes down a casino he operated in his house for college students and seeks a new job. Thinking he would be pleasing his father he takes a job at a small brokerage firm called JT Marlin. At JT Marlin trainees make cold calls to lists of well-paid men, and then apply high-pressure tactic to sell initial public offerings exclusive to the firm. Seth is terrific at sales and once his training is over, the pay is phenomenal, and Seth is very curious to why. Curiosity leads him to many ethical dilemmas and encounters with the FBI. The major theme in the movie is whether or not Seth should whistle blow on his company or wait to get caught.

In the movie there are many issues in this movie that relate to management. Management is getting things done through people. JT Marlin showed good and bad forms of management. They managed to get work done through organization, planning and controlling. They also had different levels of positions in the company to help getting work done efficiently. These job positions were interns, secretaries, brokers, and the head of the company.

Good management was shown in many ways through out the movie. JT Marlin had very good planning skills. JT Marlins Corporation planned what to do and how to keep contact with their investors if the FBI would catch them. They also were very motivating to their employees, which helped their employees work harder, so that they could achieve expensive cars, homes, and millions of dollars. Bad management was shown when the employees were extremely disrespectful to one another. They also never demonstrated good skills when a problem came about.

Presenting your self is one thing JT Marlin really stressed. They emphasized that looking sharp and successful was key to achieving...
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