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Topics: Management, Rizal Pages: 11 (1774 words) Published: August 13, 2013
Republic of the Philippines
Binangonan, Rizal

College of Accountancy

The Establishment of Anime-Inspired
Party House in Angono, Rizal

Barnuevo, Hazel U.
Batuto, Ma. Ainna Christelle M.
Del Rosario, Mary Rozzalle P.

Chapter 2


Management is the art and science of directing human effort to control the forces and utilize the materials of nature for the benefit of man. As a science, it is the systematic process of planning, organizing, leading and controlling productive resources such as manpower, money, machines, materials and methods. (Andres, 1997; Fajardo, 2005)

When used collectively, it refers to the group of people who are responsible and accountable for directing the work force and seeing to it that the organization meets its goals or objectives. (Lorenzana, 1998)

Management Complement and Supporting Professional Firms

During the Pre-Operating Period

The success of a business depends on the extensive researches and intensive planning. During the pre-operating period, the researchers will be conducting feasibility study to assess the technical, operational and economical merits of the business. Through this, the information about the profitability and the estimated cost related in establishing the business will be achieved.

Prior to the commencement of the business, the construction of the building will take place. Also in this period, the necessary permits and licenses will be obtained. After the construction, the furnishing of the building, purchasing supplies, inventories and equipments, and hiring and training of employees will then follow. In line with this, the outsourcing of suppliers and laborers for event management will be delegated.

During Operating Period

The success of a business’ operations depends on its key players. This will be primarily consisted of the general manager who will oversee the operations as a whole and ensure the profitability of the business, and event planner and organizer who will create and organize the events, respectively. The other subordinates will be composed of a supervisor, a bookkeeper, two security guards, two housekeepers, barista, bartender, cashiers, technical staffs and two waiters who will perform their respective tasks.



The business will be in partnership form. The owners will be the ones who will invest money into the business and will be passive participants in the business operations, being capitalist partners only. Table 2.1 below will show the profile of the owners.

Table 2.1

Profile of the Owner

|Name |Address |Occupation |Contribution | |Elenita U. Lalicon |Aster St. Greenpark Village, Cainta, Rizal|Accountant in Canada |Php 1,500,000 | |Terry Ann M. Ungria |Aster St. Greenpark Village, Cainta, Rizal|Domestic Helper in Singapore |Php 500,000 | |Nena Ungria |Karangalan Village, Cainta, Rizal |Retired Teacher |Php 1,000,000 |

Project Originator, Promoter and Founder

This project is initiated by the researchers themselves. People wants are insatiable and therefore they are always seeking for new and trendy products and services. So, to meet this kind of demand and to give the party house a unique touch, the researchers applied an anime-inspired concept in the business. Also, the concept is due to the researchers’ fondness to anime and manga.

The researchers will also be the promoters and the owners agree to establish the business through providing capital.

Personnel and Work Force

An organization must be able to recruit the best and the brightest. It must be the right person for the right job at the right time...
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