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Marketing perspectives for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG
(Bavarian Motor Works)


An overview of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG----------------------------------P.4 BMW – Mission-------------------------------------------------------------------------P.5 Automobile Market--------------------------------------------------------------------P.9 BMW – “The Ultimate Marketing Machine”-----------------------------------P.12

Competitor-focused--------------------------------------------------------------P.13 Inter-functionally coordinated ------------------------------------------------P.16 Holistic marketing approach-------------------------------------------------------P.16

Internal Marketing--------------------------------------------------------------P.16
Integrated Marketing------------------------------------------------------------P.17 Performance Marketing---------------------------------------------------------P.19 Relationship Marketing---------------------------------------------------------P.20 BMW - Market Orientation Changed Overtime--------------------------------P.21 Upcoming Barriers and Challenges for BMW----------------------------------P.24 BMW - Marketing Research Activities -------------------------------------------P.26

Survey -----------------------------------------------------------------------------P.26
Focus Group and Observational Research----------------------------------P.27 Experiential Research ----------------------------------------------------------P.27 Industry Report and Census----------------------------------------------------P.28 Recommendations for BMW Marketing Researches-----------------------P.29 Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------------------P.31 References ------------------------------------------------------------------------------P.32

An overview of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG
Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) is a German company founded in 1916, produces premium automobile, motorcycle and engine. BMW is famous for its performance and luxury vehicles, and is a global leader in premium car market (BMW, 2011). According to the BrandZ Top 100 survey (Millward Brown 2010), BMW has beaten Toyota and become the number one in most valuable auto brands worldwide.

In 1918, BMW’s business was mainly focused on aircraft engines. The circular blue and white BMW round logo is portrayed by BMW as the movement of an aircraft propeller visualized with the blue and white colors of the flag of Bavaria (Williams, 2007). Today, BMW group operates three main famous brands: BMW, Mini brand, and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. In 2010, BMW group’s sale volume reached 1,461,166 cars and sale revenue has topped Euro 60,477 millions. The company has worldwide subsidiaries and manufacturing plants over 150 countries. The company also operates its own financing company with business volume of Euro 66,233 Millions (BMW 2011). [pic]

BMW - Mission
Derived from the article, “Marketing Myopia” (Levitt 1960), demonstrated many companies are confused with their business purposes and industries they are operating. The author specially pointed out the automobile giant “Ford” has been heavily product-orientated and loss the focus on their customer needs. Given the competitive automobile industry today, BMW definitely will not make the same mistake. Helmut Panke, former BMW chairman emphasized: “Never build a boring BMW. This message has huge resonance and brings together everyone on our mission” (Franzen 2004).

Campbell and Yeung (1991) have developed model of mission that included 4 core elements – purpose, strategy, behavior standards and values. These values are illustrated in the Ashridge mission model and valuables are coexisting.


BMW’s mission statement up to the year 2020 is clearly defined: “the BMW...

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