Blue Remembered Hills

Topics: English-language films, Dissociative identity disorder, Mind Pages: 3 (1261 words) Published: May 14, 2014
Blue Remembered Hills
The key idea in blue remembered hills was the change between the childish behaviour and their immoral choices to their views changing to become much more matured and making better life choices for them and others around them. The relationships in the play are very varied as there is a large power struggle between many characters; this made it very hard to see the true friendships and the false ones. In the first lesson we were asked to create a proxemics atom exploring the relationships and then applying these relationships to key scene using still image and role play. I thought this would be a rather challenging task as it was hard to work out characters true feelings towards each other because of the large power struggles which would lead to arguments or in worse cases physical fights. The general ideas across the group were very similar it was that some characters were pushed out of relationships because of power struggles and the pace speeded up with some characters because they got in in arguments or physical fights and then they stared each other to show the tension in the situation then the other characters circling them because they were waiting to be on the side of the winners because most young children are always wanting to be on the side of power and dominance. One main element used was Pace, Rhythm and tempo this was used to deepen the piece to show the difference between power an status of the characters. One of my Key ideas was to use a lack of breath/exhaustion to show how people could not keep up with the power struggles and how it was tiring them. Another key idea from Luke Y in my group was to eye contact to show the tension and hate between two characters and how the tension was slowly being heightened. Characters with power were created by leading with their chest or nose and always being adored by characters with lower status and less power. They also never had their head down to show how proud they were of...
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