cat on a hot tin roof

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Russell Sims, Demetrious, Marlon, Avery, Ileen
Introduction to theatre
Mrs. Grogan
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
The Time is in 1995 and the Place is in Mississippi and The Mood is somber, despite the festivities. The Preliminary situation is that they are trying to find out if big daddy really has cancer or not because he doesn’t want to tell anybody because they will make a big deal out of it.
This play all starts with the theme and you’ve got to know what the theme is at all times but in this play the theme is manliness and homosexuality, the lie, the father and the son, the cat on a hot tin roof.
The Characters are so important in this play just like the Protagonist there are three people that are the protagonists in this play and Maggie, brick, and big daddy are the protagonists and they play really good roles in this play to make it look like a very good play. And I think that’s why they made it so good. The Antagonists are Gooper and Mae Pollitt and in this play they are talking about how big daddy don’t want to tell them that he has cancer cause it will just kill the whole family and they won’t know what to do without him. The Supporting characters is the children and them just being in the play and supporting them in whatever they do and whatever they need the children will help with everything. The Minor characters are the servants and they will do whatever they are told anytime of the day so that’s why they are the minor characters in this play.
The initial incident in this play is that big daddy has cancer but he doesn’t want anybody to know so he just keeps living his life even the same way as he did even if he didn’t have cancer so he is waiting for the right time to tell everybody and when they are all together. That’s probably when he will announce his cancer. 1) Brick isn’t helping with big daddy’s alcoholic situation so that means that he still continues to drink almost all day and brick isn’t doing a damn thing about it so for all we know

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