Blood Type Diet

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You Are What You Eat

Do you Know your Blood Type?
Hollywood stars are always trying new diets, from the Low Carb to the Zone Diet. Kirstie Alley is a spokesperson for Jenny Craig, and Jennifer Hudson raves about Weight Watchers at every opportunity. There is a new diet trend in Hollywood called “The Blood Type Diet.” Celebrities such as, Demi Moore, Cheryl Cole, and Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr are just a few loyal fans of the blood type diet. As the world continues to evolve, humans gain access to a wider range of foods than they could have several thousand years ago. While some of this modern fare is beneficial to us, some of it can be very detrimental to our health. When I was studying blood disorders in my Medical Terminology class, I discovered that some foods affect our health more than others. Upon hearing this information, I did some research on the topic. I came across a book called “Eat Right for Your Blood Type,” written by Dr. Peter D'Adamo. The book encourages people to eat certain foods and avoid others based on the four recognized blood types: A, B, AB or O. The “Blood Type Diet” has become very popular in Europe and the United States. People who follow the “Blood Type Diet” have great results, and even claim to have greatly improved their health. The theory subjects that our blood type plays an important role in our health; a topic I found incredibly engaging. I was consumed with curiousity. I did intense research on the relationship of food and blood type to determine whether or not Dr. D’Adamo had found the secret ingredient to good health and weight control: our very own blood.

“Eat Right For Your Blood Type”

I started my research by reading the book called “Eat Right for Your Blood Type” written by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, a New York Times best seller. According to Dr. Peter D'Adamo, a chemical reaction occurs between your blood and the foods we eat. This reaction is part of our genetic inheritance, and mainly results from sugar binding proteins called Lectins. Furthermore, he believes that eating the wrong foods containing the wrong lectins can cause harmful effects on the body. The can result in slower metabolism, bloating, weight gain and even certain diseases such as cancer. By avoiding the foods that are wrong for our blood type, and eating foods that benefit our blood type, better health can be achieved. D’Adamo breaks each blood type down by the evolutionary theory behind each group.

Blood Type O: The “Hunter”

D’Adamo believes that humanity’s oldest blood type is O. According to his book, the blood type O digestive tract retains the memory of ancient times, so their metabolism will benefit from lean meats, poultry, and fish. He advises to restrict lectins of grains and breads, and to enjoy vigorous exercise.

Blood Type A: “The Farmer”

According to the book, blood type A should basically stick to fruits and vegetables, due to their more settled and less warlike farmer ancestors. They have thicker blood than other blood types, a sensitive immune system, and should not consume lectins of dairy products, animal fats and some grains.

Blood Type B: “The Nomadic”

According to D’Adamo, blood type B is the lucky blood type group. Blood type B should consume a balanced diet consisting of fruit and vegetables, grains fish, dairy, and meat, but should avoid lectins of chicken, tomato, and wheat. They have the best chances of overcoming everyday types of disease, including heart disease and cancer.

Blood Type AB: The “Modern”

Blood type AB has a sensitive digestive tract and should avoid letins of chicken, beef and pork, but enjoy seafood, tofu, dairy and most produce according to D’Adamo.

What are Lectins and why does D’Adamo connect them to blood type and food? “Lectins are proteins that share the common characteristic of binding to carbohydrates. Some antibodies and carbohydrate-metabolizing proteins (enzymers) also bind to carbohydrates; however they are not...

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