Blood Money

Topics: Morality, Ethics, Human Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: December 20, 2014
Blood Money
The ethical issue concerning the title of this paper Blood Money is that there is illegal kidney sales going on in the world and it has reached the USA. The most unethical procedure of all of this is that the kidneys are coming from incarcerated men in China. Without permission or disclosing to those on the death role in China, they are prepped beforehand and then they are shot and killed and immediately after their death they extract the kidney and the transplant occurs with the buyer or for whom it was intended for. Who can think this type of behavior is acceptable let alone ethical and morally right, unfortunately many do. Morally everyone is different, but when it comes down to all that are involved in this illegal business, from what it seems they have no morals. Their responsibility and the least they can do is let these human beings know the truth; let them know where their organs are going, let them decide. The person or groups with direct interest in this illegal activity have many moral failings, the simple fact that it is all about the money, they do not care if the prisoners deserved to die or not, all they want to do is make money. What many may think is not alarming to them; they do not care about the trauma they put the Chinese military through, because I am sure there was at least one that had morals. They had no respect for these human beings and no respect for their lives. The ideals in this operation are to make money and stay out of the spotlight, their obligations are to maintain a steady supply of kidneys, where do they conflict, and it is very simple. They need to keep convicting prisoners to the death sentence in order for them to execute them and get more kidneys, so they are convicting left and right, I am sure they are purposely doing this to keep up with the demand of illegal kidney sales. The only good outcome to all of this is that a lives are...
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