Blood for Sale

Topics: Blood donation, United States, United Kingdom Pages: 3 (816 words) Published: April 19, 2011
Blood for Sale Case Study

Blood for Sale

Ethics Phil-245

I found the article called Blood for Sale very intriguing. Many questions arose from this on my mind. The most obvious is, how ethical is it to sell blood to people who need it? The other issue that bothered me is, how ethical is it to underpay and overcharge for that blood? My initial reaction to this was complete disbelief. I found it hard to understand how anyone could do some of the things mentioned until I reread the article.

Sol Levin is running a business like any other business person in the world. The type of business he is in does raise some ethical flags. I found it hard to put myself in Sol’s shoes and make the same decisions. I do not have it in me to buy blood at a quarter and sell it for a dollar. In the world I live in blood is life and you give life for free, I am firefighter I have pledged to lay my life for another so this idea is foreign to me.

Plasma international purchased blood from poor South African people for fifteen cents to the pint. They then sold it here in the United States for up to twenty five dollars per pint. The question posed in the book asks if this is exploitation or not? I believe it absolutely is the exploitation of poor people to further the success of a few. A fair market value could have been paid at the rate it would have been paid in the United States.

In the United States blood can be bought and sold in The United Kingdom it is not. I think that the United Kingdom model it promotes the actual donor giving to someone in the true sense of the word. People have better sense of fulfillment. People feel free to give and know that someone’s not making a profit off of your blood.

This behavior that Sol had fits right into the egoism model. The sale of the blood benefits one agent, Sol. He buys low sells high and either the givers or takers or making out. Now the Utilitarian way to do this would have been to buy at a fair value and sell at a...
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