Bj Habibie

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BJ Habibie
Habibie was born in Parepare, South Sulawesi Province to Abdul Jalil Habibie and R. A. Tuti Marini Puspowardojo. His father was an agriculturist from Gorontalo of Bugis descent and his mother was a Javanese noblewoman from Yogyakarta. His parents met while studying in Bogor. When he was 14 years old, Habibie's father died. Following his father's death, Habibie continued his studies in Jakarta and then in 1955 moved to Germany. In 1960, Habibie received a degree in engineering in Germany, giving him the title Diplom-Ingenieur. He remained in Germany as a research assistant under Hans Ebner at the Lehrstuhl und Institut für Leichtbau, RWTH Aachen to conduct research for his doctoral degree. In 1962, Habibie returned to Indonesia for three months on sick leave. During this time, he was reacquainted with Hasri Ainun, the daughter of R. Mohamad Besari. Habibie had known Hasri Ainun in childhood, junior high school and in senior high school at SMA-Kristen, Bandung. The two married on 12 May 1962, returning to Germany shortly afterwards. Habibie and his wife settled in Aachen for a short period before moving to Oberforstbach. In May 1963 they had a son, Ilham Akbar Habibie. When Habibie's minimum wage salary forced him into part-time work, he found employment with the automotive marque Talbot, where he became an adviser. Habibie worked on two projects which received funding from Deutsche Bundesbahn. In 1965, Habibie delivered his thesis in aerospace engineering and received the grade of "very good" for his dissertation, giving him the title Doktor der Ingenieurwissenschaften. During the same year, he accepted Hans Ebner's offer to continue his research on Thermo-elastisity and work toward his Habilitation, but he declined the offer to join RWTH as a professor per se. His thesis about light construction for supersonic or hypersonic states also attracted offers of employment from companies such as Boeing and Airbus, which Habibie again declined. Habibie did...
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