Topics: Article, Bibliography, Lead paragraph Pages: 2 (980 words) Published: September 7, 2014
1. Choose a research topic appropriate to this course and find a traditional newspaper article that reports on that topic. (News reports from scholarly journals, or websites like that publishes news releases from research institutes and universities are not acceptable.) The article must be written by a newspaper reporter, no newer than 6 months old, and may be as old as 15 years ago. A print or online newspaper is acceptable. A blog or wiki or other social networking news resource is not acceptable. This newspaper article is the basis of your research project. Send your chosen article to Dr McAteer for approval before continuing your research.

2. Use the journal literature to find out if the news reporter got it right. You will find the scholarly articles that are being reported on in the newspaper. If there is no particular article being reported, then you will find at least one scholarly article that either supports or refutes what the news reporter said. (You will include as many articles as necessary to cover all the content of the newspaper article.) If he/she mentioned a person or research project, find an article by the person or about the research project. If several research groups or reports are mentioned, find them all. If the reporter is writing about a specific scholarly article but then proceeds to present other information, find sources to corroborate that other information also. You will find these journal articles through WSU indexes and databases. After you read these articles you will compare what they said to what the news report said. i. If the author mentioned specific facts or quotes that you were unable to corroborate, search the internet for corroboration. Choose only reliable sources to corroborate this information. Do not use another newspaper article to corroborate information in this newspaper article. ii. You will then find a scholarly or popular article that provides more information on the topic. You...
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